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Jenni Ventimiglia Polimeni | Owner, Manager & Designer

Update: 2022

Wooo has a lot happened since our last update! Remember when we moved the shop across Rochester the same week as my wedding? Well, we had to one-up ourselves (obviously) and I gave birth to twin girls the same day a global pandemic halted life as we knew it (March 2020). Though all of us small businesses struggled in ways others may never understand, it gave us the gift of time--Time to reflect on our lives, slow down, and focus on our priorities. As most of you that have stuck by me know, my biggest priority has always been my family and that only intensified when I became Mommy. Though my customers still and always will mean the world to me and I'll be eternally grateful, Ella and Lucy (now 2.5!) have come to deserve the very best of me. That is why, in June of this year, I made the difficult decision to close our storefront in order to give them all that I can. On the business-front, my main focus has become weddings, memorials, and larger order events, all of which I am happy to take over the phone or by appointment. Though the process has changed, I have and will continue to put my heart into all of my arrangements and I hope you are all able to see that!

Update: Celebrating 5 Years!

September 2018 marked Floral Expressions by Jenni's 5th Anniversary and we couldn't be more grateful for our many loyal customers that got us here. Throughout the last five years, we've shared many milestones and major life events alongside you all. Being able to share these special occasions together is still our greatest honor of being in the business. In May 2017, we, as a family, made the decision to move the shop to Spencerport in order to be closer to our home. As if that weren't crazy enough, my husband Joe and I were married that same week! In addition to my parents, Vince and Marilyn, sister Danielle, and fur baby Lola Belle, Joe has become one of my biggest supporters and can be seen helping out around the shop as well. We look forward to seeing where this journey takes us all in the next 5!

Original: At just 23 years old, Jenni decided it was "now or never" to make her dream of following in her father's footsteps and owning a business a reality: With that, she saw that Floral Expressions was available and officially took the leap of faith at the end of Summer 2013. Using her college degree, inherited determination and dedication, and overall passion for all things creative, Jenni is now enjoying the opportunity to make others' visions come to life. Whether it be a "Just Because" bouquet of fresh flowers or participating in a most important day of your life, she will put her time and heart into every aspect of her work.
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